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Annual Tonnage Declaration Form
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Members of The Sulphur Institute agree to abide by its Amended and Restated Bylaws (copies of which are available by request). As such, all member companies reporting tonnage are required to complete, sign, and return this Annual Business Declaration Form.

The following guidelines shall be utilized for completion of the Annual Business Declaration Form and determination of TSI membership category designation: 

Benefits of Membership include:

  • Timely information relevant to the sulphur industry;
  • Members with a single sulphur related business activity shall include all forms of sulphur tonnage / activity within the parent and affiliate companies.
  • Members with multiple sulphur related business activities shall include all sulphur and sulphur equivalent tonnage / activity within each member category; however, shall not double count the same sulphur molecules across business activities within the parent and affiliated companies.
  • Sulphur in sulphuric acid to be calculated based on sulphur equivalent: three tons sulphuric acid correlates to one ton of sulphur
  • One metric ton of sulphur equals 2,204.62 pounds.

Sulphur Producer: Any company engaged in the production of elemental sulphur, sulphuric acid, sulphur contained in pyrites, or sulphur contained in other forms. Annual volume shall include sulphur produced / delivered by the company to others to which title and all internal transfers for use by the company itself has passed to others.

Sulphur Consumer: Any company engaged in the acquisition or purchase of any form of sulphur or sulphuric acid. Annual volume shall include all sulphur acquired or purchased for internal consumption.

Sulphur Marketer: Any company engaged in commercial sulphur transactions that include purchase, sale, and tolling in which sulphur is invoiced in cash or in kind, with regard to all transactions involving change of product ownership on its way to the final consumer. This includes sulphur in all forms transacted and delivered by the company, to include: elemental sulphur, pyrites, sulphur dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, sulphuric acid and other sulphur compounds. Swap transactions are excluded from the calculation of tonnage volumes, since there is no net remuneration for the action.

Activities that would count toward determining Marketer tonnage volumes:

  • Traditional sales transaction whereby a company sells sulphur or sulphur products to another company.
  • Exchange for unlike material whereby a company obtains the intrinsic value of the material.
  • Product tolling transaction whereby a company does not sell, but tolls sulphur or sulphur products into another product and then sells this new product with the prospect of obtaining its intrinsic sulphur value.

Activities that would not count toward determining Marketer tonnage volumes:

  • Exchange of like materials or time swaps
  • Logistics or other services, whereby a company does not enter into a transaction to buy, sell, toll, swap, or exchange such product, and does not incur market risk for the sulphur or sulphur product. Such logistics / other services may include sulphur transportation, terminaling and solid forming.

Service Provider: Any company affiliated with sulphur not meeting Producer, Consumer or Marketer eligibility and having annual sulphur-related activity (sales or revenue) above US$ 15,000,000.

Small Company: Any company affiliated with sulphur (any member category above) and having annual sulphur-related activity (sales or revenue) less than US$ 15,000,000.

Transportation Associate: Any company engaged as either a manufacturer or a carrier of road, rail, or marine transport for sulphur or sulphuric acid.

Consultants, Publishers, Non-Profits: Any company or organization engaged in activities recognized as beneficial to objectives of The Sulphur Institute, not meeting the other Membership Eligibility criteria. Equipment Suppliers: Any company that manufactures or provides equipment for use by or within sulphur industry facilities.

Company’s Official Representative:


Please provide sulphur metric tonnage (“S”) produced in calendar year 2015.


Please provide sulphur metric tonnage (“S”) consumed (in all forms) in calendar year 2015.


Please provide sulphur metric tonnage (“S”) brokered (in all forms) in calendar year 2015. Includes purchase, sale and tolling of “S” tonnage; excludes logistics and supply chain services.

Service Provider

Please provide your company’s sulphur tonnage (“S”) in calendar year 2015 which resulted in annual sulphur related revenue exceeding US$ 15,000,000.


Small Company 

Please affirm your company’s 2015 annual sulphur related revenue did not exceed US$ 15,000,000; applicable to Producer, Consumer, Marketer, and Service Company.

Transportation Company 

Please affirm your company qualifies for the cargo tank truck and rail tank car manufacturers or carriers membership category.

Consultant, Publisher, Non-Profit

Please affirm your company qualifies for the Consultant, Publisher and Non-Profit membership category.

Equipment Supplier

Please affirm your company qualifies for the Equipment Supplier membership category.

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